Welcome to my World!

Welcome to the New, Improved and 100% Organic Mado’s World!
Mado is growing up! Now that I’m 4 years old, I’m much more plugged-in to what’s going on in the adult world…including the internet thingie. Watch out!

Hey….I know Joomla, mySQL, PHP and now WordPress …plus other strange words that most adults have a hard time fitting into a casual conversation.


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It’s free and you get access to Mado’s tips for infants and toddlers. Spam-free, I promise! (besides… how could I even post a can of meat-substitute on the web?)

Search the web to see how many infants or toddlers are blogging — quite a shortage, you’ll agree.  We’re pretty underrepresented. Conspiracy? Apathy? I’m not sure…but I know we need to have a voice and share information. Hence Mado’s World. You can all participate by reading, sharing and even contributing. You have no excuse! (Except for you fetuses and embryos…of course).


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