Keeping Joe company

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So here’s Grand-papa Joe visiting from Toronto and, as far as I can tell, he’s bored with the adult company. So I read him a story… what else could I do to entertain him?

Mom and dad are busy doing whatever they do and here’s poor GPP Joe trying to occupy his time. Fortunately I was chillin’ on his lap, so I read him that story about that poor Hippo trying to get his dad’s attention but his dad is too busy to play.  I think he liked it…

Invasion of the big green thingie!

Big green thingie
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Big green thingieHoly Jeepers! Look at the size of this lime-green furry creature! They just plopped the thing right beside me — almost scared the poop out of me.  Oh… waitaminute. It did scare the poop out of me. Oh… sorry buddy.

Hey you! You, with the camera! Can I get a dry nappie here!

Magic box

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Relaxing in my hotel room after spending the day visiting my legion fans here in Toronto, I’m a bit impressed by the facilities.  Look at the size of this bed! It’s as big as my room back home! And the best part is that, to get to our room, we have to step into this little magic cube with sliding doors that makes my tummy tingle while, get this, it totally transforms the lobby into the hallway to  my room… it’s amazing! I don’t know how they do but it works every time! 

And in reverse too: walk down the hall from my room, press a button to make the doors open, walk inside and seconds later the doors open and voilà!!! The hallway is gone and there’s the lobby. Makes me wonder though…if they can transform a lobby into a hotel room hallway in the blink of an eye, why does it take so long for my parental unit to transform that construction zone into something usable. I’m thinking I didn’t get the sharpest crayons in the box….

What the heck is this?

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I am soooo freaked out! I knew about the holes in my head… as far as I can tell I have one for each finger (on one hand…) and, I’m proud to say, I can point to them all when my handlers mention their names: “ears”, “nose” and, the big one, mouth. And I figured out their purposes too (duhhh…. doesn’t take a two-year-old to figure those out).

And I kinda suspected that I have a couple of holes in the diaper zone but I’d rather not muck around down there, if you know what I mean.  What freaked me out is, like, the other day I’m getting some big time attention because I figured out where my belly was, then today… Papa sticks his finger INSIDE my belly and says, with an evil smile, “belly button”!  My jaw must have dropped when my fingers slid down to his and, I’m not kidding, right in the middle of my belly, I could feel another hole!!!

Yuck! I’m really worried now… what if my arms get longer and I discover a whole network of holes? And what possible purpose could a hole in your belly serve? Drainage? Feeding? Accessories? I shudder to think of the possibilities…

Major setback today

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Despite my best effort to stay awake, the parental units have found a way to defeat my anti-sleep defensive mechanisms… some dastardly device called “The Swing” plays some cheesy sleepy-time tune whilst the nefarious motorized contraption rocks me to and fro’.  As much as I try to resist, I inevitably end up being knocked unconscious by the motion of this incredibly predictable device.  I must learn ways to resist….must stay awake…must…hmmmmmm…


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They gave me this round semi rigid thing without a single word of warning and, just as I put it into my mouth (like I always do with new stuff) it starts to dissolve and, I swear, crumble into little bits of sand-flavoured crap! I don’t know what they were thinking…they know I put everything in my mouth — what’s with the sand-bar?

I gagged, naturally, and spat it out yet, for some unfathomable reason, I felt compelled to put the evil thing back into my mouth. It was like my mouth needed a second opinion. Soon I was left with a soggy mess, a sorely-tested gag reflex, bits junk in my hair and nose, and, shortly thereafter, some nasty structural changes in my nappy.

I certainly hope this is the last time they try to foist that kind of junk into me…

Bro #2

fixing the car...
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fixing the car...It turns out I have another brother. Dunno how I missed that one…he’s been around all this time but, quite frankly, all these adult males start looking and smelling alike after awhile.

I’m not sure about this one though…. he’s been educated in the black art of Mechanics and works at the most revered place my papa calls “Canadian Tire” yet he seems obsessed with playing with the engine head when this motor is obviously having some carburetor issues.  I made a few adjustments but, as you might guess, being 2 feet tall limits my ability to influence change. Personally I think he should switch to a motor vehicle that has a bit more muscle…perhaps something a little German….


Freaky hair
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Freaky hairEeeeek!

What have they done to my hair! Give my freako dada a baby comb and suddenly thinks he’s Vidal Sasoon. What does he know about baby gurl hair-dos — he grows hair on his face!

I HATE IT! Look at me, for crying out loud, I look like a poorly drawn Lisa Simpson!!

What a rush!

This is on a swing!
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This is on a swing!Woah… today I experienced something radically different from the rest of my existence!  At first it was just a question of sitting in a different but similar chair, if you know what I mean. But then, all of sudden, there’s my maternal unit pushing on the chair, almost as if she wanted to put some distance between me and her.

Then, without warning, the chair starts to fall back towards her, as if some secret force was at work denying her the pleasure of my rejection. So then she pushes again, as if to emphasize her antipathy, and — amazingly — her efforts are thwarted by a sudden swing back towards her. This “to-fro”  yin-yang thing goes on for several time-units.

She squealed then screamed something at me but that woman just can’t pronounce her words — it just sounds like mumbling to me. Besides, if it doesn’t start with a “buh” sound then I don’t understand it… come to think of it, every word I  know is pronounced “buh”… go figure.

Teeth. Humph…what are they good for?

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Smile!Mom smiles a lot, I’m noticing….me not so much.

I think it’s because she has teeth.  Maybe teeth make you smile? Or maybe the teeth just hold your smile in place. I tried it once but it hurt my cheeks.

I’ve finally got a few teeth of my own now… but they’re kinda useless, really. I mean, what’s the point of having teeth on the bottom of your jaw if there are none at the top? I keep jabbing my upper gums! And they wonder why I seem crankier than usual…