First solo in front of a restaurant

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mado sings

On Sunday the 7th of December 2014 i sang a song in a restaurant called le Ginsbourg .  It was really fun ! This activity was put on by my singing teacher Vicky Paradis for all her students that wanted too sing .  It was stressful at first but wen i started signing it was o k . Except that at some point wall i was signing the sound guy put the  sound up really hi and i could not hear my self sing 🙂 It mas a great experience i had lots of fun

my cat mimi !

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mimiThis is my cat Mimi i got her for my seventh birthday . She is black white and orange . She is 3 years  old and her fur is very long . She is a calico cat. during the winter she does not like to go outside . The winter was so long that she got lazy from sleeping all winter and now she does not want to go outside. I tried to put her outside but as soon as someone opens the door she runs back in .