One of the toughest concepts to grasp, for newbies, is the whole nipple-breast construct. It’s quite natural for you to believe, I mean wholeheartedly Believe, that your body does not end where the nipple begins.  In fact, there is, at least initially, a sense of oneness with the Breast. Incredible as it may seem, the Breast actually exists outside of you or me. It is a separate entity.I know…this is big.

It’s an easy mistake to make…you fuss, the Breast is suddenly in your face, then you fall asleep and the Breast is gone. Sometimes you need to fuss longer, maybe cry even…but the Breast is always  there. Oh sure, sometimes you get the runty Breast first but, admit it, even the runty one is better than no breast at all! It came to me quite suddenly, one day, as I was comfort-sucking and my Breast’s eyes suddenly looked away.  Honestly, I was not expecting that. It made me realize that the Breast existed independant of me.  It was not actually part of me but part of something or someone else. This discovery really turned my world upside down and made me go through my first existential phase. I mean, if the breast is not a part of me, then does it exist when I go to sleep? And if so, then why?

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