Eating “Solids”

“Solids” are things that are put in your mouth that don’t resemble nipples. You’re expected to chew AND swallow solids. Don’t confuse solids with the assorted things you stumble upon during the day … those just need to be tasted, not swallowed.look enthusiastic when offered solids for the first time — if they think you don’t like solids they may keep you on the breast until you start school. Do you have any idea how much breast milk it takes to feed a 4 year old?

The first few things they put in your mouth are going to be disgusting… trust me.  You will want to vomit them out ASAP. Please do… I think they do that to test your gag reflex. Bear in mind that once you accept solids they WILL keep putting new stuff into your mouth.

It’ll be painful at first… especially when they start stuffing so-called ‘meat’ into your cry-hole. Holy Moly that stuff is disgusting. But it’ll all pay off when, depending on what part of the country you’re in, they start rewarding you with “fruit” — the narcotic for babies.  Fruit is sweet and it’s sweetness goes right to your brain. Ease up when you get your first hit… too much of that sweet stuff and you’re not going to be sleepy for several hours!  Once you get over the initial high though you’ll find that it’s got a sophisticated little punch to it that gives you the energy to crawl!

When you’ve had enough, give them a sign  otherwise they’ll keep shoveling it in.

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