Diaper Essentials

I know this is a delicate subject for some of you but diaper awareness is the single most effective method for controlling your environment.  Its tragic the number of infants who go through life not realizing that effective diaper manipulation techniques can vastly improve their quality of life.  Just follow my three “golden” rules and you’ll see immediate improvements:

  1. Never soil your diaper overnight or before a nap.  If no one can smell it, is it really dirty? Trust me, you’ll end up with a diaper rash before you can say “poo”.
  2. Modern diapers have an amazing capacity to absorb fluids. How do you fix that? Easy… next time you’ve got a bottle or sippy cup in your hands, pour it into your nappie when no one is looking.  Before you know it your diaper will be dragging on the floor.
  3. Code Brown and no one is responding? Simple… reach down, pull on the elastic closest to your leg and squirm a bit until you feel some of the squishiness oozing out. Then put on your cutest “pick me up” face and presto! instant attention!
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